Tile Cleaning Sydney

Tiles are used in homes because of their durability and resistance to provide a nice, clean, shiny look.

Regular tile cleaning help retain its look, quality and durability for years. AMPM Tile Cleaning Services provides access to tile cleaning and good maintenance with use of soap & detergents, oxygen bleach, lemon juice and vinegar. We usually avoid using strong chemicals for tile cleaning in Sydney and neither recommend as they might stain the tile more damaging it further.

•Dish detergents: it is the most safe, effective and reliable cleaner as it is mild enough to do the cleaning.
•Oxygen bleach: Non toxic cleaner creating cleaning foam to smashing the stains.
•White vinegar: Slightly acidic working both as a disinfectant and cleaner.

Turbo hybrid cleaning solutions for tile cleaning are used to give them a fresh new look. Strong chemicals are avoided as they could produce yellowish tiles. The ceramic cleaning products and solutions help retain the tile quality keeping it in good condition.

Use of soapy warm water is the best and effective solution for Tile cleaning in Strathfield.

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